At The Beach, Beauty Feels Effortless, Life Feels Care-Free. Capturing that feeling and embracing natural beauty is where it all started for founders, David and Bethany.

Having spent two decades in a city known for its endless rain, the couple always felt their best after sun-drenched beach days and set out to create products that allow you to feel like your summer self, year round.

Bethany struggled to find a product that safely tanned her skin while meeting her standards of clean, high-quality, skin-focused ingredients that effortlessly fit into your routine.

Unwilling to compromise on these standards, David and Bethany knew others would feel the same. A year and a half later our best selling Tanning Water and Freckle Paint (meeting each one of their standards) were launched.

Saltyface Set Out to Uncomplicate a Tan, Simplify Your Routine, and Elevate—Natural Beauty.

Our Ingredients

We prioritize skin health and transparency. Our formulations are intentional and contain minimal, clean ingredients that are safe for all skin types, sourced and formulated with the highest standards.

All of our products are and will always be 100% vegan and cruelty free. We strictly adhere to The Credo Clean Standard, EWG Skin Deep, and are goop approved. Because it’s not just about looking good, but feeling good too.

Transparency Has Always Been At The Foundation Of Our Vision.

Learn More About Our Impact

Our Sustainability

At Saltyface, we’re committed to the impact we have and our role within the beauty industry. We’re focused on minimizing our environmental impact and reducing our carbon footprint, which takes priority over profit for us. 

We believe in doing things right—every decision is an intentional and responsible one. For us, it’s an evolution, we’re committed to progress and will continue to find innovative solutions to become even more sustainable.

We donate a minimum of 1% of every order to nonprofits close to our heart that are approved by 1% For The Planet and dedicated to making a positive impact.